News From Our Friends

While Opsound is coding through the dog days of summer, here's a rundown of some great projects our friends are up to:

Opsound loves field recordings, and the new Soundtransit project is a wonderful way to listen to them -- you 'book a transit' through the soundtransit site, complete with departure and arrival city and stopovers, and they build you a journey in sound for you to play or download. A joy. And for all you phonographers -- upload your own sounds to Soundtransit or collect field recordings for your mixes (everything on Soundtransit is released under the CC Attribution license). For more field recordings (or other bits of sound), check out Freesound's new geotagged sound map -- choose your sounds by their map location. The Freesound Project is collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the CC Sampling Plus License. You can add your own samples of all kinds, and find bits of sound to incorporate in your music using their intruiging 'sounds-alike' browser.

Fans of databending, microsound, algorithmic and generative composition, and experimental electronic music in general are sharing their sounds, software tools, and ideas on Great stuff for open-eared listening and inspiration.

Opsound's Scott Waddell has put up a page of helpful links for free and CC licensed material on his site need-name. Opsounder John Hollwach has started a new project, Commons Music to promote voluntary collective licensing for music. And while you're at it, check out his band Try^d's new CC licensed album, Public Domain -- support the band buy buying a copy for only $8.88, or download it free from the Try^d site (the band also includes Opsound's rjmarshal and Andrew Vavrek).