Anyone is encouraged to contribute sound files to the Opsound's open sound pool.

Opsound enjoys open-eared listening, including field recordings, ambiences, incomplete improvisations, monologues & dialogues, unfinished experiments, detached soundtracks, vocal solos, strange noises, bedroom laptop, microsound, generative, glitch dub, idm, minimal techno, blip hop, hip hop, turntablist, downtempo, uptempo, reggae, ragga, raga, roots, breakbeat, basement punk, garage band, indy, shoegazer, psychedelia, noise, song, be-bop, free jazz, modern composition, avant-anything, etc. Sound files can be complete pieces of music, or elements intended be combined into something new.

All material for the sound pool will be released under a Creative Commons license (the "Attribution-ShareAlike license"), a copyleft license in the spirit of open source software license which allows for all kinds of copying, remixing, use, and reuse while retaining an attribution to the original artist.

To enter your sounds in the pool, register.