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closing party

We're working on Opsound behind the scenes - doing some much needed updates and tuneups. With luck all will go smoothly, but of course with live site there is always the chance of an unexpected bug as changes are made. If you see something on the site that's broken, chances are we're already at work on a fix, but please feel free to drop us a line and let us know, just in case.

opsound [at] opsound [dot] org

Opsound on Spark Radio

Spark Radio is the radio channel of the 2006 Spark Festival of Electronic Art and Music in Minneapolis. This year's festival (February 22-26 2006) brings together performances and lectures by special guests Alvin Lucier and Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, as well as paper sessions, video concerts, installations, club performances, and electroacoustic concerts. Spark Radio was programmed by sound artist Abinadi Meza through an open call. Featured radio sets have been programmed by Laura Hoyt of Mysterious Object, Sal Randolph of Opsound, and Tom Roe of

listen to the Spark Radio Stream (Feb 22-26 2006)

Opsound's Spark Radio Playlist:

001 Opsound Intro
002 void by Gregory"Tha Silent Partner"Davis [artist page]
003 clicker by yosuke hayashi [artist page]
004 Another Visitor by hiryu [artist page]
005 log parable by animals with hair [artist page]
006 banjo eyes by Cold_Elf [artist page]
007 The Sky was Cleaned by Maria Arambula [artist page]
008 untitled dream by The Happy Medium [artist page]
009 INRI2INRI by Michael Beijer [artist page]
010 morricone by Blue Haired Girl [artist page]
011 Open the Door Please by Manolo Camp [artist page]
012 Don't Sleep in the Snow by A Truly Inspiring Piece of Wax [artist page]
013 Open Door by Bill Foreman [artist page]
014 Choke Hold by Vegitation [artist page]
015 Dusk Won't Come Again by Melampyre [artist page]
016 Paralyzed by Delarue [artist page]
017 Opsound Outro
018 murklins by A Truly Inspiring Piece of Wax [artist page]

Goodbye Boston!

We wrapped up our show in Boston with a great closing party (see pics below!), so now we're back to our regularly scheduled program of open-eared listening. If you're tired of holiday music piping through malls, refresh your auditory nerves with some new music from the pool.

closing party

closing party - eric raz

Eric Raz

closing party - mobile symphony

Mobile Symphony by RZ1-tek

december 11 closing party

opsound is delighted to announce an exciting line-up for the closing party of opsound's open sound exchange and glowlab's open lab to take place sunday, december 11 from 4-8pm. performances in the gallery will include a live video and audio stream by lovid, an interactive audio piece for mobile phone handsets by rz-1 mobil tek, plus experimental ambient live music by boston resident eric raz, and new yorkers brad bordine and weapons of mass destruction who will incorporate local field recordings and environmental city sounds.

directions and information:

sunday, december 11, 4-8pm

art interactive
130 bishop allen drive
cambridge, ma.

subway: central square



lovid is tali hinkis and kyle lapidus. using homemade electronic devices and diy sculptural instruments, lovid overwhelms the senses with new media in their performances, videos, objects, and installations. lovid has toured the us and europe extensively performing among many others at eyebeam, harvestworks, boley, max protetch, eyedrum, ny underground film festival, look and listen festival, kraak(3) festival, lokaal01, lumen, and futuresonic festival. lovid has exhibited among others at coca seattle, sotheby's, southfirst, happy lion, institute of contemporary art london, and the new museum of contemporary art. lovid is currently artist in residence at eyebeam, has been selected as artist in residence at harvestworks and iear, has been nominated free103point9 transmission artist, and has recently received a grant from nysca. a dvd of lovid recordings made during a residency at experimental tv center has recently been released on collectiveye. further links: eyebeam exhibition & residency ( ), interview ( )

rz-1 mobiletek

glad to be back in the boston area. my roots. searching for new methods to release sound into our environment. currently developing audio software for the cell phone. recently completed projects include new conventions of behavior ( ) - an experimental sound work that investigates how listeners create cognitive structures for understanding new sounds, and how composers organize sound structures into pieces. auracle, ( ): a voice driven, interactive and colloborative instrument. the project was led by max neuhaus and realized with a team of fellows at akademie schloss solitude in germany.

eric raz

soundscapes (guitar & looping) graduate of the school of the museum of fine arts. also a visual artist; batik, lighting, printmaking.

brad bordine

free electronic sound environments drawn from a palette of synthesis and environmental recordings.

weapons of mass destruction

weapons of mass destruction is a brooklyn-based guitar and laptop band, specializing in semi-ambient deconstructions and blasted-open pop covers. wmd are sharilyn neidhardt (guitar, keyboard, vocals, and sounds) and sal randolph (laptop, rhythms, vocals, field recordings, sounds). they have performed at the bowery poetry club, pianos, and subtonic and trash in new york, as well as in clubs, pubs and galleries the uk and germany.

more information on opsound's open sound exchange: boston

glowlab's open lab exibition

Boston Sounds

Live from Art Interactive gallery in Cambridge, a special edition of the Opstream, featuring sounds recorded in the gallery as well as contributions by Opsound artists cold_elf, Gregory "Tha Silent Partner" Davis, Grey Socialist Masseuse, Jay Critchley with a host of collaborators, situational audio logic, and Weapons of Mass Destruction:

opstream boston link [ UPDATE: the show's over, so the stream is now offline ]

And since we've had a little bit of difficulty with the stream's stability, here's an alternate link to try if you need to:

opstream boston link [ UPDATE: the show's over, so the stream is now offline ]

Take a look at the individual contributions by checking out our boston tag page or get them by podcast:

podcast boston link

We'll be adding sounds from all sources for the next nine weeks, so it's not too late to add your boston sounds -- just put them in the pool and tag them with "boston" - scroll down for details.

Here's a couple of pics of the opening. Everyone had a great time. Thanks for stopping by!

opening party

opening party

opening party

Join me at Opsound's Open Sound Exchange: Boston

As you've likely heard, beginning October 14, Opsound will be part of Glowlab's "Open Lab", an exhibition and festival of psychogeographic explorations headquartered at Art Interactive. Opsound will be collecting and generating a sound portrait of Cambridge and Boston through recordings in the gallery, sound gathering walks through various neighborhoods, and via contributions from sound artists and musicians over the internet. All the collected material will be broadcast as a 24/7 internet radio stream -- a special edition of the 'opstream' -- that will grow throughout the exhibition.

I'll be in residence several weekends of the show, and I'd be delighted if you stopped by to have some coffee, chat, contribute sounds, and walk with me through interesting parts of the city.

Opsound Schedule:

Oct 14 6-9pm Opening!
Oct 15-16 noon-6pm Opsound open lounge, sound collection walks at 3pm
Oct 29-30 noon-6pm Opsound open lounge, sound collection walks at 3pm
Dec 10 noon-6pm Opsound open lounge, sound collection walk at 3pm
Dec 11 2-8pm Opsound performances in the gallery, and closing party

Many additional events by other artists every weekend of Glowlab's Open Lab

Directions and Information:

Art Interactive" is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 - 6pm or by appointment. The gallery is located at 130 Bishop Allen Drive, at the corner of Prospect Street in Cambridge, MA. 617-498-0100 Subway: Central Square [map/directions]

And even if you can't be there in person, please contribute to the special Boston opstream by adding Boston sounds of all kinds to the pool, and simply tagging them with the word "boston" -- scroll down for details. All contributing artists will be featured as part of the exhibition, and their sounds will be heard at the gallery, and of course in the stream.

Opsound at Art Interactive: An Invitation to Participate

This fall Opsound will be part of Glowlab's "Open Lab" exhibition at Art Interactive gallery in Cambridge/Boston. We'll be setting up a workspace and lounge in the gallery for the duration of the show and generating a special edition of the opstream focusing on the sounds of Boston. Everyone is invited to participate by adding 'Boston' sounds to the pool (we mean this quite broadly! everything from field recordings to Boston band pop to fantasies of what Boston's soundscape might be).

How to participate:

Opsound's "Open Sound Exchange: Boston" is gathering material for an open pool of sounds relating to the city. Boston real and Boston imaginary, Boston past and Boston now: yelling cabbies, Rat new wave, Fenway Park crowds, sunday afternoon string quartets, harbor noises, sidewalk folk singers, Composers in Red Sneakers new music, banker high heels, museum whispers, Media Lab algorithms, Big Dig construction, student arias. every city is a world of sound -- help discover Boston's by creating a kaleidoscopic sonic portrait. Contributions can include work from, about, or inspired by the idea of Boston. Boston sounds, including field recordings from various parts of the city, are already in the pool and available for remixing.

To contribute, simply add your sounds to opsound, and tag them with the word "boston."

Opsound's "Open Sound Exchange: Boston", at Glowlab: Open Lab, October 14-December 11, 2005, Art Interactive gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Opsound at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Opsound at the Palais de Tokyo! On April 5th, the Palais de Tokyo (Paris' "site for contemporary creation") will launch Tokyo Ozone, its new internet project, with a day of art and wifi, and the Opsound Pool will provide the music for their Tokyo Radio. If you're in Paris, stop by the palais on April 5th for some great live performances at the launch party, and if you're elsewhere, check out the Tokyo Radio stream, online starting April 5. Like the Opstream, Tokyo radio will be streaming the whole pool (up through march 2005) - more than 1000 copyleft songs, or 3 and a half days of free music. [more info - en francais]

tokyo ozone logo