Scatter Plot

The Paradox

This is one of my best compositions, in my humble opinion, and also one of my longest. Though at first it seems much like a light rock song, it builds up greatly, adding in organ, lead guitar, and eventually four violins at powerful climaxes.

[ tags: electronic experimental rock ] [ genres: rock experimental ] [ info: 6:51 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Into the Light (Unfinished)

This (unfinished) song is perhaps the best illustration of my mixing/engineering so far, though I'm sure it could be greatly improved. As a reiteration of my artist bio, all of my songs are purely electronic (no recorded instruments,) which presents some challenges with guitar work. This features one of my favorite (soft) lead synths, which provides an underlying ambience and fuller sound to the simplistic, smooth-flowing piece. Currently, the song has a simple fade-out ending, which I plan to replace with a climatic passage.

[ tags: electronic experimental rock ] [ genres: rock experimental ] [ info: 4:02 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Scatter Plot (formerly Yellow Fervor (formerly Audio Ecstasy)) is a one-man music project that consists of amateur keyboardist/engineer-wannabe Chad Lechner and his laptop. Pushing the boundaries of pop/rock music, Yellow Fervor utilizes a variety of all-electronic instruments to create eclectic compositions and explore the art and science of mixing and engineering. This implies a few things: (1) there are no vocals (though you could remix my work and record some yourself) and (2) guitar work isn't going to sound especially natural.

When contacting me via e-mail, please include the song title (when appropriate) and "opsound" in the subject so that I can respond quickly. For remixing, you may request the original project file itself (made with Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5) or MP3/OGG/WMA/MIDI clips.

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