toddling collage and telescoped tracks. one hand tries too hard while the other taunts the effort. nuthin' to see here, missus, please move along...

I Am Amway

A microradio moment, 7/10/04, raw from the aircheck minidisc. Paul Harvey meets The Herbaliser in a natural mashup that took three dozen years to make.

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Montauk P-Turn the Page (wxm uncouth edit)

10 mins plus now nearly completely bereft of beats. all of the tension, none of the release. my crappiest edit yet!

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AWIA - A Prayer (wxm uncouth edit)

Animals Within Animals' original is eight minutes plus, with some wack extendo ramble-moment involving toasters, i think. excise the ramble and voila, you have christian drill and bass!

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Fleischer's Price

Ari Fleischer (remember him?) explains the purchase of nations for imperial ambitions.

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Madison Bandscan 12/11/01

the tribute to "the terror," three months into the new era. only edited for extraneous dial-tuning; the sequence is the genuine experience.

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he ain't no thang.

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