Tom Sherry

Tom's music is a unique mix of various styles with Jazz flavorings. The compositions are sketches - perfect for the weather channel or your shopping pleasure.

Jake The Dog

Jazzy, flavorful, jumpy; like my dog Jake.

[ tags: jazz ] [ genres: jazz instrumental ] [ info: 3:35 wav ccbysa2.5 ]

Funk Mi Amigo

Hard driving eletric guitar (british crunch) with cool groove, latin rhythym, with alto sax lead.

[ tags: ] [ genres: jazz rock ] [ info: 1:48 wav ccbysa2.5 ]

Tropical Smoothic

Jazz reggae with flue, alto & soprano sax, with small entrances by other brass instruments. Beautiful melody between woodwind and brass instruments to the reggae type rhythm

[ tags: ] [ genres: jazz instrumental ] [ info: 3:38 wav ccbysa2.5 ]

Latin Funk

Latin influence, jazz flavors, a nice latin jazz groove. Just a sketch.

[ tags: ] [ genres: instrumental jazz ] [ info: 1:30 wav ccbysa2.5 ]

Mystery Guest

Industrial rhythm (pipes and wood laid on top of a standard drum kit sound) provides a solid back drop. Heavy jazz flavoring with guitar and alto sax leading the way.

[ tags: ] [ genres: jazz industrial ] [ info: 4:80 wav ccbysa2.5 ]


Easy listening, smooth combination of piano and guitar, jazz flavors. Good motivating rhythym and a soprano sax providing contrast.

[ tags: ] [ genres: instrumental jazz ] [ info: 3:18 wav ccbysa2.5 ]

Smooth Walking

Easy listening Jazz, smooth and mellow. Dominant Piano melody.

[ tags: ] [ genres: instrumental jazz ] [ info: 3:38 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Tom attended the Grove School of Music and was fortunate to have had classes from the master, Dick Grove. The Grove School taught pricipals that take a lifetime to absorb and apply. Rythym motivates melody, and you can't say anything in one measure are true pearls of wisdom.

Tom is the Technical Principal of a Project Management Consulting firm, Project Server Support, Inc. - /

Tom spends his days installing and configuring project management systems in the daytime and if lucky, writing music at night.

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