Tom Adelstein

This artist originally filled-in for a celebrity male vocalist then stayed behind-the-scenes as a producer-writer. His curse and sometimes his blessing lie in a stylist vocal approach. Then you discover he has a range of vocal styles.

Mama's Rock and Roll Cafe

From the Album release, "No Easy Answers, this song shows the versatility of the artist. Danny Levin defined the music as Cajun. The tempo is fast and fun. Adelstein on vocals.

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Dance with a Stranger

People have called this an instant hit single or album title song. It's a remarkable soundtrack with one of the best country rock violin solos ever by Danny Levin. Tom Adelstein originally performed the vocals, but as producer came back and replaced the original tracks with Stephanie Johnson as lead singer. Her vocal quality surpasses the best females in the industry. "Young love was easy but now you're experienced".

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What are We Standing for?

Reggae sound with rock flare. Some listeners might consider it religious while others call it new age. The song has a good beat, lots of music going on behind the vocalist. The sound is impactful and worth listening to many times.

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Tom began his recording career at age 14 and wrote the leads to a "Best R&B Instrumental" by age 22. Versatile music style reflects his passage as a writer and studio musician for hire to the world of the top 40. Road band experiences broke his idealistic view and he left the industry only to revive with a wiser head a few years later.

He's also a best selling author and blames that on his indoctrination in music and then literature where he first studied the classics. He worries that his ability as an author and a musician will have an adverse affect on both fields. Do they complement each other or take away? he asks.

Tom grew up in Dallas and moved to Austin at age 18. He still has a day job as a consultant, technical writer and computer analyst. His colleagues in business have no idea of his accomplishments in the field of music and writing.

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