The Gold State

The Gold State crafts surreal pop that offers a sentimental yet dispassionate pasquinade of rock conventions. The songs on The Gold State's album, "Whole Wide Whole" were recorded in a closet. The Gold State's music has been variously described as indie rock, lo-fi, power pop, etc.

Whole Wide Whole

Falling from a tree screams like a headline, and it looks like you've got time to find some other state of mind. Waving in the breeze, back of the breadline, and it looks like you're inclined to find some other axe to grind. You're my best friend in the whole wide whole.

[ tags: playskool best friends handclaps ] [ genres: pop indie ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

Crap Dracula

Crap Dracula knows a love that's greater. His heart belongs to the co-creator. Now you're on your own, pretty baby, part of your stupid world.

[ tags: dracula citylights ] [ genres: pop indie ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

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