The Evolution Control Committee

Years ago, The Evolution Control Committee put out a 7" single on the Eerie Materials label called Rocked by Rape. The single's A-side blended together American newsreader Dan Rather rapping violent rhetoric over a plodding beat of collaged AC/DC riffs. The B-side starts with a cut-up of dialogue explaining how to make cut-ups of dialogue, and then provides the entire collection of Dan Rather's violent phrases as your source material.

After building momentum for a year, a review of the single in Spin Magazine tipped CBS off to its existence, and their lawyers delivered a cease & desist letter to the label before the issue even hit the stands. The label, with its owner on the verge of moving to another country, had to delete the single from its catalog immediately. The ECC faught a war in the press, and reached a stalemate where CBS did not persue legal action but did not promise never to do so. Since the beginning of the legal threats The ECC has offered free downloads of the single.

The ECC welcomes sampling and manipulation of all ECC music.

Rocked By Rave

An unreleased drum & bass version of the A-side.

[ tags: danrather acdc drumandbass ] [ genres: collage drum and bass ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa1.0 ]

Racked By Rope

The B-side of the single, containing collaged dialogue and all of the Dan Rather samples in raw form.

[ tags: danrather collage violence ] [ genres: collage *none* ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa1.0 ]

Rocked By Rape

The A-side of the single and the main song.

[ tags: televisionnews danrather acdc ] [ genres: collage rock ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa1.0 ]

The Evolution Control Committee

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