The Erm

The Erm's Music has been described as schizophrenic. Mostly because it doesn't stick to 1 genre.


A song about various religious leaders that let you down.

[ tags: religious leaders ] [ genres: *none* song ] [ info: 5:00 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

Buy This Tape - 2001

This is a tongue in cheek song about how you should buy my tape

[ tags: buy tape funny ] [ genres: *none* *none* ] [ info: 4:09 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

Astral projection

A song about leaving your body

[ tags: astral projection ] [ genres: *none* song ] [ info: 6:05 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

All My Deeds Are Rags

80's metal type sound. Basically a praise song.

[ tags: metal praise 80s ] [ genres: metal *none* ] [ info: 3:54 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

547 ReProcessed

Written using a Tandy 1000SL - that's an 8088 processor - and mixed years later using a rolland vs-880

[ tags: minimal noise different ] [ genres: minimal noise ] [ info: 1:30 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

The Erm's music has on more than one occasion been described as Schizophrenic, and with good reason! It doesn't stick to one mood, one genre/style. Even one thought pattern. At the very least it is bi-polar in nature. One second smooth and slow, the next hard and heavy. If you like change, then you'll love The Erm.

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