the balloonist

The balloonist aspires to music that sets a mood, weaves a story or paints a picture through manipulation of musical techniques and devices alone. Currently, his music exists as entirely digitally created work, dabbling in all genres and styles to harness some kind of emotion, but would one day ultimately like to have an orchestra in his backyard to hand the occasional score.

wrong turn

A second glance reveals that you have ended up in unfamiliar surroundings. Somewhere along the way, you must have taken a wrong turn.

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pause for breath

An undeniably dance-style piece, despite only having 12 bars of bass.

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tuned to static

experimenting with distortion, rough edges of a dark landscape in technological decay. or that sort of thing

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The balloonist is a young Australian artist interested in music that conveys a mood, with a particular inclination towards film music. He is currently a university student composing in his spare time, or more accurately when he should be studying.

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