"Game Music" is a music production environment which employs a minimalist aesthetic in assimilating various fragments of old computer video games made for commodore64, Nintendo, Amiga, Gameboy etc. It is performed in one of the newest first person shooter video games: "Unreal Tournament 2004." The music is produced in an open system that can be widely downloaded, used, shared, and played. The weapons in this game are hacked, rendering them 'harmless.' Their sounds are exchanged for the retro sounds of the old computer games.

The release "Game Music" is characterized by relaxing environmental sound atmospheres combined with disturbing noises and odd rhythms. In this way, the military-industrial complex is challenged with one of its 'risk-free' and hopefully vulnerable weapons: the music.


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At The Flat Field

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In Iraqi's Mood

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Nomad's Land

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A Night Before

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