Steve Harvey

Music in a variety of flavors, with an emphasis on electronic/dance styles -- house, drum & bass, techno, trance, breakbeat, hip-hop, psychedelic punk, nightmare ambient, and more.

747 - Seventeen Summers

jazzy minor-key drum & bass; rhodes piano and evolving pads with fierce beats over top

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747 - Loom

Housey/trip-hoppy groove full of nodding beats, lush pads, chopped and processed female vocals.

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747 - Statistikal

Eerie, sexy, laid-back science fiction flavored illbient breakbeats

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Sonic Forest productions is the brainchild of producer/guitarist Steve Harvey, supporting copyleft music and DIY for over a decade. Has released a variety of self-published tapes and CDs under numerous names -- 747, double_h, Ghost That Walks, FFK, Edgar Allen Porrige, and others.

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