Engaging female vocals layered upon ethereal rock


A song written about a mother who struggled to give birth to a son with a disability.

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A downtempo piano ballad, originally written on the acoustic guitar. Luscious female vocals included.

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Getting Down

A soundtrack of a song: the opening track of SharashkA's debut, "From Lincoln to Continental". Originally recorded as a 120 bpm pop song, this song was transformed to a 90 bpm stalker.

[ tags: electronic acoustic indie alternative female ] [ genres: acoustic downtempo ] [ info: 7:11 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

SharashkA's long-awaited debut, "From Lincoln to Continental", is now available for download at the Internet Archive.

In addition, Jayne Hartman and Spiro Bolos recorded a trippy cover of Throwing Muses' "Furious". "Furious" appeared as the lead-off track on "Hot Hands", Kuma-chan Records' tribute to Kristin Hersh and her former band, Throwing Muses.

"'Furious', the opener by Sharashka ... has a dropped tempo, a gentle piano part, an easily-listenable female vocal, and a gentle drum machine backing. It's Throwing Muses played in the style of Delta Goodrem, which is quite scary, but it sounds perfectly nice." -- Steven McCarron,

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The band had its origin in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Originally called the Tullys and later known as Ghost Houses, they were a part of the music scene that produced such bands as Hum, Poster Children, and the Moon Seven Times / Lanterna. They played most of the main venues in town: the Blind Pig, Mabel's, Treno's, etc. They also recorded a bunch of 4-track demos as well as a couple of songs at Brendan Gamble's cozy Blanket Studios.

In 2000, the band went on hiatus. While Jayne got hitched and worked on growing her family, Spiro was busy recording, producing and playing with the band Irradio.

Today, the band is thrilled to introduce two talented new members. Rich Alvarez studied percussion in New York and has played with Safety in Numbers, Tribal Opera as well as having freelanced on various projects such as ZeroStars. Joe Mirabella (JoBella) has been thumping the broomstick in the Chicago scene with such bands as Flash105 and Binge Crosby, and Ultravelvet, a cover band which Jayne has recently joined.

As a live band, SharashkA has given these songs an alter-ego. Whereas the current CD lends itself to long drives in the car or late night drinks in a coffeehouse, the live shows bring an intensity that can only be achieved with the immediate interplay of the musicians themselves.

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