Can we go home now

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The Spirit of Brit Pop

This is an instrumental track - The spirit of brit pop

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Take me home

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Take me home

This is a song I wrote for a very special person, and is the first track to be recorded for my new album. I have now come to have a collection of songs that I think are very poetic, and so I have decided to record some 11 tracks and create an internet album of sorts; all music would be under a free licence, as is this one. This particular track only has drums and guitar; even the bass is recorded on an electric guitar - the only one that I have. I like to have a lot of effects on my guitar. In this particular track, prominent is the flanger, echo and reverb.

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I am a Song writer, Guitarist, Bass player, vocalist, percussionist and producer, all rolled into one.

My genre is Brit Pop, after bands like Oasis, and specifically Noel Gallagher. I want to make music that transforms me ( and hopefully others ) into an alternate dimension.

I like creating new fantastical sounds ; sounds that suspend reality and open up new universes and parallel worlds of existence. I use lots of effects on my guitar; I use all open source software on the best ( and open source ) operating system in the world - Linux.

For my songwriting, as I've survived and evolved, my songs have turned to the more poetic ( I hope ) and more fantastical imagery is now visible.

Consider a sample:

Mother nature, I ask of you but one thing;
Let me have peace of mind when I sing.

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