A Trio grunge/metal/rock-band that only plays own material and is to broke to even record a own album.
(The songs publiched here is recorded under a timelimit of 2 days
with bottomline equipment.)
Riddle needs support!
(There is more recordings but we wait until we get responce for the 3 demo songs already shared here. )

Problems And Irritations-Demo

As usual all is writen and performed by the band itself. A song of the modern age and the rage it can give.

[ tags: ] [ genres: undefinable metal ] [ info: 6:41 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]


Psykadelic lyrics and electricGuitar. Demo recording. Song is writen and performed by Riddle.

[ tags: ] [ genres: undefinable rock ] [ info: 4:39 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]


Painfull lyrics with dist.guitars. The song is writen by and performed/recorded by Riddle.

[ tags: ] [ genres: undefinable metal ] [ info: 6:48 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Riddle is a trio from a small town called Ystad in Sweden,Riddle has been in constant economic truble and the only recordings has been free Demo reqs at low standard local studio.
They have performed live a few times and every time they have recived great audience responce.

As a local band they are "well known"(small town of 40k) for their mystic "status quoe", not really a rock band and not really anything else, not often seen but always present in rumors.
Local fans has now waited patiently for over 5 years of a release of demo songs.
(The singer comments)
-I'm amazed that so few live performances can get so much response, yet no studio is prepared to give them what they want without a big studiorecording fee(paid by us). If i had money I would gladly pay to give my fans a real recording with topnotch sound... but hey, i'm a rock musican and i'm poor... dawm.

-We are, Riddle hope you enjoy.
Carl Sellman AKA "Carver":

1st Guitar

"I hope we someday reach out to the world and contribute somthing of value to the listeners.
My songs are writen down with my whole soul and i only play/sing from my heart.
As we pass our 10year milestone in evolving our band we now find agony in not being able to spread our music and be recognized for our work.
So now it is up to the open public of this site to decide our fate.
I thank this site for all time for the contribution to the world."

Ervik S AKA (RVK):

2nd Guitar
Base(in demo recording)
Michael AKA "Grimash"

And yes there is no baseplayer.

(Sorry for all typos)

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