I'm a digital, RPG-like, rock and electronica music composer. Also 100% CC-BY-SA.

I am flexible, though, if you need my work for other stuff.

This is me. I'm alone in this facet; making music as I imagine it. Most of these songs are made in the middle of the night (that's the reason for my first album's title); while this side of the world sleeps, and, sometimes, it comes out very strange.

There are no complications in most songs. It's plain simple... maybe even minimal.

I am a person that's a bit introspective and analytic. I like thinking about the universe... this world... this society and my place among them.

Music is my life and I enjoy hearing it and making it. I'm my #1 fan!

This is my serious part. For those who know me, will be very intrigued and surprised about this facet of mine since I'm not serious at all!

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