Industrial Metal from PARIS / FRANCE

A slow and powerfull song taken from our last CD "LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA"

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J'ai peur

This song is also taken form our last CD, LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA. THis si a very ambiant song with spoken word from Catherine Lenne

[ tags: experimental industrial lorca spoken theatre ] [ genres: ambient spoken ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Mere, laissez- moi sortir

This song is part of "LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA" which is the soudscape of the theatre pice from federico garcia lorca... this is a rather slow and ambiant song listen to the whole album on our web site

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Proton Burst exists since 1987 and has toured all across europe.

3 CD released

1994 : LA NUIT adaptation of a comics from Philippe DRUILLET

1997 : SILENCE

2007 : LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA which is the soundscape of the Garcia Lorca Theatre piece, played in PAris by THALIA THEATRE

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