Pete Roberts

Pete Roberts is a bassist/multi-instrumentalist residing in the San Francisco area. Currently playing with the Hendrix tribute 'Purple Haze'

(I Want to be a) Rock Star

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I started playing piano at a very early age as my mom is a classically trained pianist. I took up guitar around age 10 and switched to bass after I figured out everyone else was playing guitar or drums and needed a bassist. My biggest early influences were Chris Squire, John Entwisle, and John Paul Jones. I then discovered the likes of Geddy Lee, Jeff Berlin, Jaco, and Jimmy Haslip. Today I enjoy everyone from Ray Brown to Cliff Williams (of AC/DC).

When in Atlanta, I played with Dan Matrazzo (Dr. Dan). We had kind of a rotating drum chair for a while, and I got to play with Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band) and Jeff Sipe (Apt. Q-258 from ARU and Leftover Salmon). I also studied for about a year with Adam Nitti and attended Woot Camp in 2002.

I visited San Francisco in 1998 and loved it so much I ended up moving here. I currently play bass for Purple Haze - an awesome Hendrix tribute.

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