I tend to DRONE on... I prefer a DARK room or AMBIENT lighting. Often people think my style is a little EXPERIMENTAL, but I'm comfortable in my MINIMALISM.

Rassemblement des choses qui portent malheur

[ tags: ] [ genres: experimental drone ] [ info: 23:31 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

In 2008 a noise project called Naught for 3 was formed. There were a number of shows played and fun was had until there was a request for a performance at a more serious venue. A track was obsessed over and there was much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth... coffee pots emptied and cigarettes smoked... from the ashes of those cigarettes [and a number of empty coffee cups] Pavonine was born... a sound came out that was heavy... it was dark and deep... it was resonant and enveloping... it sounds like respiratory stridor and faint heartbeats... like things sliding across the floor at night... like shortwave radios that broadcast voices from the other side or currents far under the ocean's surface.

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