Trance and Classical/Contemporary compositions.


I've been having a very hard time this summer writing music. This song is one of the results. I guess my life isn't depressing enough right now for me to write anything too impressive.

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Usually I don't try to write music when I don't have much inspiration, but I was bored this one time. Could have been much better, but could have been much worse.

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This song was one of those that more or less wrote themselves. It's pretty simplistic, and probably could use a remaster, but still, it's not a bad start.

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Trance composition based off of a motive from the 'Habenera' movement from Bizet's Carmen Suite. From there on, things kept changing.

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Trance isn't the most popular genre where I live. I don't mind. Lack of popularity means that I have a lot more artistic freedom...

I write a lot of Trance, but I also do write the occasional orchestral piece. I also record music for people I know.

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