Mel Cepstral

Music generated by subjecting photographs and recordings to editing, filtering, compositing, and automated transformation.

Does It Matter

Language below "minim telig", an unanswered question, and "music to play in".

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Robert Rauschenberg Steps Into the Nuclear-Powered Elevator

Rendered with "bosch", this was made by selecting color ranges from digital photos and pasting them into a new blank score. I was looking for man-made patterns; Darrin Drda's polka-dotted cartoon man painted on the side of a bookcase, skyscraper windows, a page of Stravinsky, the marquee at Grand Lake cinema in Oakland.

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Mel Cepstral is an American composer of uncertain pedigree. Having given up on a career in chemical engineering (a D average was not considered acceptable), Cepstral attended a series of unfortunate music schools until he fell in with the wrong crowd. He now lives in a tiny cabin at the Admunsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, composing using a 1990's vintage laptop which runs a special version of Linux and doubles as a heater.

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