Mark Engelberg

Something's Wrong

A comedy pop rock song. Download the song in a variety of formats at For bands, full part-by-part sheet music, with tablature and notation for the guitar parts, is provided so you can make your own version of the song, or re-use musical ideas from the song.

[ tags: song silly humor comedy relationship ] [ genres: pop rock ] [ info: 4:00 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Another Story

A folk rock song with a political, inspirational message about the need to act to bring about change. Visit to download the song in a variety of formats. Also, for remixers, a synth-only track is available. For bands, a lyrics/chord sheet is provided so you can record your own version of the song.

[ tags: rock folk political inspirational ] [ genres: folk rock ] [ info: 3:39 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]


Epic rock song about the life of Ramanujan, one of the world's most brilliant mathematicians. Music style is inspired mostly by Phil Collins (like his songs from the movie Tarzan), with other rock and ethnic influences as well. For easy remixing, you can download all of the tracks I used to create this song. The song has a considerable amount of variety in it, so you are sure to find some interesting material for reuse. I have also provided some vocal-less mixes to make it particularly easy for you to replace my vocals with your own. All this can be found at:

[ tags: rock song epic biography ] [ genres: progressive world ] [ info: 9:05 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

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