Budding musician / producer wide range of influences from rock/pop to ambient. Digital recordings using Steinberg DAW and Reason, fairly new to this, previously made 4 track recordings.

Through These Eyes

Dark sounding rock/downtempo with sounds provided by Reason (Redrum played with ROland Octapad MIDI controller, subtractor, malmstrom, rewired into Steinberg DAW), Korg M1, and phasing guitar - no vocals currently but would like a collaboration if anyone is interested...

[ tags: ] [ genres: rock downtempo ] [ info: 4:49 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Plays keys/guitar/bass/drum programming/digital recording via DAW/mixing/remixing.

Looking for vocalist/and or other musical collaborators. Open to remixing other artists work and/or having them remix mine (not much source material available right now)

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