Ready For Breakfast? (Bad Boy Edit)

90's style Drum & Bass - A faster flowing remix of "Ready for Breakfast?" included in my March release - Mouthfeel EP. Track 4 From my latest album "Sonic Easle" - http://binarysweets.co.uk/music/release/?id=12

[ tags: lofi ] [ genres: drum and bass electronic ] [ info: 4:58 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


Catchy melodies, phased chords and clean beats make up this addictive saw synth creation. Track 3 from "Sonic Easle" - http://binarysweets.co.uk/music/release/?id=12

[ tags: melodic catchy ] [ genres: downtempo breakbeat ] [ info: 3:19 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

43% Human

Off kilter synths and bass sprinkled with lofi breaks and grooving filtered hats create this absorbing composition. Track 2 from "Sonic Easle" - http://binarysweets.co.uk/music/release/?id=12

[ tags: abstract ] [ genres: electronic breakbeat ] [ info: 4:21 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


Manipulated vox samples rendering a mysterious vibe accompanied by hard driving beats and a tearing bassline. Simple but effective - Late night listening. From my latest Album Sonic Easle - http://binarysweets.co.uk/music/release/?id=12

[ tags: hypnotic ] [ genres: breakbeat experimental ] [ info: 5:15 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

No Meta4 (2018 Rework)

A 2018 remix of "No Meta4" from my EP "From the Other Side" released on Dystopiaq netlabel in 2012. Ambient dub fusion - I think! The last track of my album "Sonic Easle" - http://binarysweets.co.uk/music/release/?id=12

[ tags: dub fusion ] [ genres: electronic downtempo ] [ info: 3:59 wav ccbysa3.0 ]

L.Bridge started making music in 1996 and founded online electronic music label Faturenet Recordings in 2007. During this period he released music under several different aliases including RCP, Re-Cep, Fundamental Nature and probably his most renowned one Fature.

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