Kemikal Death

The sound of Kemikal Death is something never equal to itself. Due to the many genres I am interested in, I always try to mix different styles and stuffs. Industrial with strange beats can go with exotic percussions, or jazzy gooves can go with acid synts and death-metal guitars; also if I've just tried only a little bit of these experiments, a lot of things are in progress.

Industrial waves - Industrial waves

YO! This track represents the true spirit I want to impress in my music.

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Industrial waves - Pessimistic

Another experiment. At the time, I was 'good taken' (like we say in Italy) at granulizing samples. FruityLoops RuLeZ!

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Industrial waves - Fabrika

This track is one of the few with (my) vocals. Not my best, but with good drumz and a dog bark.

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Kemikal Death, now also named L0serAdmin, is an electronic-industrial-techno project based in Italy, near Turin (North Italy). The boy behind everything is a 27 years old computer technician bored of commercial music. The spot where I live is full of people getting involved in makin music, but unfortunately they are only goth-metal-ska-pop, so I had never been able to find someone who can share interest in making great electronic music. My favourite guys are Prodigy, Leftfield, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Chemical Brothers, but I like every kind of electronic music and not, I can listen to 'Drukqs' immediately after listening Mozart or Tchaikovskjy. By now I've made 2 albums, none of them published or reviewed, and I'm starting the third.

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