Freedom Fighter

Eye Aorta

Progressive Experimental Electronic Avant-Garde Kanon Rock

[ tags: electronic experimental progressive kanon ] [ genres: avant garde experimental ] [ info: 1:52 ogg vorbis ccbysa2.5 ]

In addition to making music, I am currently:
*Editor and writer for TAFFI, a free scandinavian magazine on cinema
*Rater for the Gnosis Project at http://gnosis2000.net
*Administrator of the new Progressive Rock Collectors Forum at http://prc.julipan.org
*Amateur artist http://copyleft.julipan.org
*Amateur photographer http://photo.julipan.org
*Amateur filmmaker
*(amateur means that I still like it)
*Using Ubuntu GNU/Linux
*Very devoted to my wife
*Very fond of modernist movies from the sixties
*Free as in Freedom
*Sometimes I work for money too...

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