John Holowach

A Basement Of Broken Dreams is the result of many months of work, encompassing samples from varied sources, most of them originating from Creative Commons content. This album stands as a marker of what can be accomplished with a more open music and video industry.

The Big Finale (John Holowach vs. rjmarshall)

Last track on the album, and a highlight. Pounding orchestral beats against a deep sound. Originally taken from rjmarshall's "Tinderbox."

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Blue Dreams

Seventh track on the album. Samples Thievery Corporation's "DC-3000," Paul Westerberg's "Looking Up In Heaven," and Steven J. Kukla's "Parisian Bells (Piano Variation)" (last one not available anywhere...yet).

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Mary Jane's Addiction

Sixth track on the album. Uses Kid Cholera's "Cathaedrabysmal," and Manolo Camp's "Anuschka." Also a fan favorite.

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Something That Happened (feat. Hades & Harold J. Johnson)

Fifth track on the album. Fan favorite. Visit Harold J. Johnson at

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Hello World

The album introduction, named after the executable programmers make to introduce them to a new programming language.

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John Holowach lives in Ohio in the U.S. He's a quiet individual with loud thoughts and louder opinions. Visit him at, or see the Creative Commons group he helped found, at

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