John Hall

"Do not destroy this world of artistic visions that comes up from your unconscious ---make room for it; dream dreams, see visions."
-Edwin Fischer

Golden Red

A poem about a special friend who doubles as a priestess. She has fiery red hair and she shines like gold. Nah, brighter than gold.

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Death of Lovers (choral)

The same composition as the acoustic number below, but this arrangement is of my many voices. Be Light. Shine Bright.

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La Trampa

This is a submitted remix of an a capella called "Trampa Animal 2.0" which was originally performed by SilviaO. If you check out my ccMixter page you can find all of the uncut tracks that went into making this mix.

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Probably the oldest song I've written... and still a work in progress. The chorus is a marine corps marching chant; same melody and words, different feeling.

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Death of Lovers (acoustic)

This is a solo, acoustic guitar version of a song I've created using the words from a translation of Charles Baudelaire's "Death of Lovers".

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Homage to Alma Brasileira

This is a composition that was inspired by Hector Villa-Lobos' "Alma Brasilera" as best performed by Sergio and Odair Assad. I'm happy to make any of the tracks available for remixing and some can be found here:

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I'm a journeyman on the road to good blues and good soul. The last few years have seen me start over again and again as new experiences and knowledge continue to inform my playing. Hopefully it's all leading to something that's as touching and provocative as a John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, or Claude Debussy. But those guys were gods among men, so even just becoming a complete man in the world of music is quite a journey. If you're checking out what I have to say, expect to hear lots of blues, grooves, beats and soul. Thanx

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