0.The words we say are the sounds we hear and the things we see are the thoughts we have and it's all a bundle of love.

1.And love is enough but t.v. ruins all and I wish I wasss on top of the pops syncing my lips to the presenters cue.

2.All is love love is all. He died of shotgunwounds in the head like so many have before. He died in the name of war....

3.Too far away still, but nothing else will keep us breathing....

4.Fight for food, is the grass on the other side of the river smelling lovely of dead microwave fishies...

5.We climbed up that platform as jesu did Golgotha Love you all Love those pretty little nosess staring at me from the tv toWer.

6.My beautifull light panel tells me where I want to be heading off today too two months and all he had two show for were too very expensive long distanceletters...

7.You can copy a performance that generates an endless variety of mesmerizing patterns...

8.Don't get bored, get confused.

9.essential mono monitor coma for about the rest of your life, scrubbing sounds into the large emptiness of a metal box, wasting your time with watching and waiting for anything, eyes in Daylight saving time modus.


Hectic, bizarre sound collage, for the largest part created during a short car ride, sitting next to pH.

[ tags: grondige door elkaar gehaald ] [ genres: industrial experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]


Nice noise with sick, short and powerful rant. Live 1997.

[ tags: ziekelijk kort krachtig ] [ genres: industrial experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]


Spaced out ambient for homesick people. Also for people who never had a home.

[ tags: citybreakfast psychosis ] [ genres: industrial experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

We are dutch industriambiexperimenoisewave band IndusTree. There are only two people in this outfit: Guaka and Scarum. Both originating from the southeast of the Netherlands, we lived in the city of Nijmegen in the middle-east of the low country. We met many years ago and by chance Scarum kissed Guaka's hand in return for eternal life.

Upon our reunion, we started spending nights together in Guaka's haunt, scraping hollow electric noises out of metal boxez. Within half a year we were performing and the first steps were made.

Well, right now Guaka lives in Paris and Scarum's still in Nijmegen.

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