From fantasy ambient music to theatrical songs. There's lots of experimentations in my music, and poems in my lyrics. I'd really like to compose soundtrack for short and feature film.

I will share

some music experimentations. It's the first time I use drum and that I try to approch to another face of music.

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a good and honest boy on an evening of a normal day, while he's coming back to home, has a very strange encounter. Only dream or madness?

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My body

first encounter, thoughts and words by Pirandello. Lyrics of this song are taken from one of his most beautiful book: Uno, nessuno e centomila.

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Forest's creature

this song recalls the waking up of a forest where lives gentle creatures.

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Haeresis (Francesco Natali) is a sharp 27 years old entity from Italy. I live near Milan, but I'm wondering about moving... I love music and photography, and here there is my DaviantArt gallery, http://haeresis.deviantart.com/gallery/ I'm also the webmaster of the Graphic Competitions site (http://www.graphiccompetitions.com/ )

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