Pablo Rabito

Fetente (Grubby)

not a love song

[ tags: ] [ genres: electroacoustic world ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Hello to you! I'm Pablo,
If I’m not writing songs, I’m thinking about it, if I’m playing shows I feel better, that puts on my face a big old smile!
I used to play shows but now I’m thinking on new songs. My mother language is Italian, but I'd love to write in Spanish. If you find few songs, send me just a good little though (so I can put your energy inside the songs I’m writing) meanwhile I’m watching the Mediterranean sea sending good little thoughts to you, unknown and close web people.
What else? I like to read and Brasil, my goal is to let you know my songs. I love cinema.
Thank you for reading and listening,


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