Espi Twelve

Sun Under Shadows

[ tags: instrumental hiphop sampling ] [ genres: hip hop sample ] [ info: 4:39 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

No More Work

"No More Work" is a very relaxed track. It consists of some strange samples, bass-lines and pieces of melodies, which alternate and overlap all the time. This track is also a statement against the concept work, which stands for doing senseless things and lifelong subordination. A concept that overwhelms the lives of nearly all people. While the overall productivity is rising every day, trade unions and many others still demand full employment instead of creating a world where all things belong us all and nobody is forced to work.

[ tags: instrumental downbeat relaxed work ] [ genres: hip hop downtempo ] [ info: 5:30 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

Maybe Afterfuture

Maybe Afterfuture is an instrumental hip hop track with a cold, futuristic feel caused by all those strange sounds, which could be imported from a science fiction movie.

[ tags: instrumental sciencefiction futuristic ] [ genres: hip hop drum and bass ] [ info: 3:50 mp3 ccbysa2.0 ]

I started to make beats in 2001, mostly only using a wave editor and a pc. It wasn't very intense and creative at all - for me, working with a computer felt quite limiting. I only released the last track ("Maybe Afterfuture") from that era. Of course, Sebious and I did the "Klorophyll" project - a kind of trashy d.i.y. hip hop with strange lyrics. That was fun.

In the middle of 2004 I started to use sampling workstations (there's an article with further information about my decision). Yeah, and I'm really happy about it! I think I have lot to learn about song structures, mixing and so on. But the first steps feel good. Now it's not only hip hop beats, it's more like making interesting music with samples.

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