Diseases of the South

Ryan Holiday is a laptop musician/vocalist from the Philadelphia area, and performs under the moniker Diseases of the South(DOTS). Holiday has released over a dozen albums and has written music for stage and commercials. DOTS works with pre recorded loops and mixes them with live vocals, live layering, and live sound manipulation. It is a hybrid of DJ and live musicianship.

Night (Full Album)

Ambient set of songs depicting 12 hours of insomnia, stress and television.

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After releasing four EPs throughout 2013, Ryan Holiday, who performs under the moniker Diseases of the South, has released a double album in February 2014. The self-titled double album, simply known as “Night/Day”, is a 24 hour snapshot of modern suburban life. Night/Day discusses the stresses of life choices, insomnia, self doubt, and depression that revolves around a suburban household. The “Night” side, a collection of eight pieces, is presented as a single 35 minute long track. The pieces are small, ambient, and at times a little creepy. “Night” is most definitely the antithesis of “Day”. From the grinding wake up call of Good Morning, to the repetitive daily routine in Oddly Meditative, “Day” explores the tension of keeping it all together. There are chord progressions that reappear throughout Night/Day, tying the albums into a concept, not unlike movements in a classical piece. “Night” leans towards artists like Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, and Talk Talk's Laughing Stock. “Day” has a livelier sound more akin to the art-rock of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and St Vincent, while integrating heady electronic music not unlike Moderat, Underworld, and Thom Yorke.

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