Derek R. Audette

Most of these works were originally created as part of a musical score for various independent film and video productions. All selections are instrumental pieces.

Fantastic Plastic

This is a short, up-tempo, very 'electronic' sounding piece. It's a very bizarre composition, but it has good energy and a solid, deep, thudding bass part.

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Don't Quit Your Day Job

A mid to slow tempo mood piece featuring gothic organs and a quirky yet haunting melody.

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A dark, mysterious, ambient piece known as a 'drone.' Perfect as background music in a film or video for creating a mood of tension or suspense

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Right In The Face Plate

Powerful, mid-tempo 'driving' tune with heavy drum beat and hard, distorted guitar hits.

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Saw-Belly Bacon

Mid to fast tempo boogie-woogie piano tune, featuring a blazing piano lead.

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Derek R. Audette is an Ottawa based artist working in oils, acrylics and pastel painting, music, photography, sculpture & film. He specializes in urban and street photography, as well as various forms of abstract and modern art, documentary and surrealistic films and various forms of conceptual art. He is a published author and an accomplished musician.

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