From the capital of Germany we, Delarue, try to conquer the cyberspace with our music. This deed was inflicted upon us by a mystical higher power .. or wait was it just all the sports cigaretts we smoked while listening to music without ever thinking about beeing musicians ourselfs. No! It must have been a higher power! Now we are here to rock your socks off and hypnotize you with beautiful melodies ... behold ... you can not resist, listen to us!

Pervert Boy

We chose the very unpopular theme of love for this rock song, so be amazed what a bunch of young musicians can do with this outrageous new topic.

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now is the time now the moment is right but I sit and stare I sit and stare

[ tags: pop rock relax indie berlin dream weed ] [ genres: indie pop ] [ info: 3:21 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

ther is nothing you don*t know already from our intro

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