Dave Howes

Oh My One Oh One

First late-night twiddle with the new 1oh1 cpu upgrade on the Roland SH-01 using just a few of it's new features. 6 notes held using the new random arpeggiator, filter accent, separate random LFO and midi-synced to a TC Electronic delay unit. One take live with a little bit of oscillator/octave shifting. Download the wave or flac version for the best sound...... Sorry about the slight glitch at around 47 seconds, I must find time to mend my mixer :~

[ tags: electronic electronica dance sh101 sh1oh1 ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: 4.42 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]


Accidental music :~) I was repairing a KAM KHD410 DJ mp3 player when the reloop button stuck on. The rest is a Jem SX1000 played live over the top. You have to grab your loops where you find them....

[ tags: loop electronica accidental ] [ genres: electronic found sound ] [ info: 3.28 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

Tomcat Dreams

Quick tryout of my new Akai Tomcat, recorded live in one take. It's also driving Korg SQ-1 step sequencer and a Korg X3 keyboard. (Yes, the snare is a bit loud, but it's new...... :~)

[ tags: electronica world korg akai tomcat ] [ genres: world electronic ] [ info: 06.17 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Wack-EQ Test

Actually just a a demo track of my latest musical invention, the extremely weird Wack-EQ extreme tone control box, But it came out well, so I've posted it here anyway :~) Completely non-linear and unpredictable, but in a good way, processing a continuous one bar loop on the Korg Monotribe, two bars straight, then all the changes made by twiddling the knobs on the Wack-EQ. Not your usual tone control...... Picture here - http://www.ipernity.com/doc/davepegz/37794214

[ tags: electronica dance weird ] [ genres: electronic dance ] [ info: 4.21 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


A misplaced and overlooked tune from some years ago, originally done as a joke, but actually sounding pretty cool.... Possibly the most extreme vocal compression/gating you'll ever hear :~)

[ tags: electronica compression ] [ genres: dance electronic ] [ info: 05.20 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


Lo-Fi ambient soundscape written for an Animation. Doing more with less :~) Sample looper on Android phone, through Korg Monotron filter section and TC Electronic M350 delay/reverb

[ tags: soundscape ambient electronica monotron android ] [ genres: ambient electronic ] [ info: 08.44 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

Prelude To Nothing Much

What happens when the machines take over..... There I was late last night fiddling away on my newly acquired Novation K-Station (an instrument designed and manufactured by God :~) ), when it reached a point where it was playing this all by itself. All I had to do was press record. Doesn't go very far tune-wise (hence the title!, but the sounds are pretty amazing.......

[ tags: ambient electronica novation kstation ] [ genres: electronic ambient ] [ info: 06.31 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


Based on an obscure format called a Trick Canon, something a bit different from me :~)

[ tags: trick canon ] [ genres: classical ambient ] [ info: 4.20 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Tuesday Groove

A little live groove on a Tuesday morning on the mighty Korg Monotribe - the funkiest little black box on the planet :~)

[ tags: electronica dance korg monotribe ] [ genres: electronic dance ] [ info: 11.38 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

I Quite Like Mondays

....'cos it's my day off :~) A little Monday Morning live jam on Korg Monotribe and Novation Nova 2. The unashamedly analog Monotribe was synced to the immutably MIDI Nova 2 using Sync Unit AC, a wonderful free VST plugin that lets you send an analog sync clock through any audio output on any sound card :~) http://www.rv0.be/suac.html if you want it.......

[ tags: electronica novation nova korg monotribe ] [ genres: electronic ambient ] [ info: 11.53 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]


Ambient piece, the result of a major programming binge on the Novation Nova 2. The entire track was played live, simply by turning the Mod wheel :~)

[ tags: electronic ambient electronica novation nova ] [ genres: ambient electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Impromptu For Borrowed VSC3

I've got a VSC3 to play with for a while :~) Live recording, one take, no overdubs. VSC3 and TC electronics delay

[ tags: synth improvisation electronica vcs3 ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Romeo Alpha

The love song of a Numbers Station Numbers stations are mysterious broadcasts over shortwave radio, transmitting secret messages to spies: rampant during the cold war, and still used today. Visit the Conet project at http://www.archive.org/details/ird059 for more details and a huge number of recordings. This track uses some clips from there, but mainly recordings from my own shortwave radio. All sounds, including the beats and the main vocal line are from shortwave radio based sounds. She was from the East - He was from the West, and on an adjacent frequency. But alas, although their voices intermingled, they could never meet..........

[ tags: electronica ] [ genres: electronic found sound ] [ info: mp3 ccpd ]

Big (Astronaut Mix)

Another 'recorded live on the bus' Kaossilator 2 track. The astronaut samples were played in from an Android phone :-) Music on the move is fun, much better than reading the paper......

[ tags: electronica bus kaossilator2 ] [ genres: electronic psychedelic ] [ info: 5.28 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

5 Minutes To Marsham

More on-the-bus jamming. If only the other passengers knew..... Marsham is a small town approx. 5 mins. from where I live - Mainly famous for my nice friends Kate and Jerry living there :-)

[ tags: electronica bus minimalist kaossilator2 ] [ genres: electronic *none* ] [ info: 6.09 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

Jazz On The 44a

Played and recorded live on a Kaossilator 2 on the 44a bus to Sheringham. Recorded with the built-in recorder, the only post production was to fade the ending. First time I've had a chance to play with this properly and I'm very pleased for a first track, despite the fact that the subtle loop fades were a bit messed up by going ound roundabouts too fast :-)

[ tags: electronica bus kaossilator2 ] [ genres: electronic jazz ] [ info: 7.46 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]


Minimalist electronica on the Kaossilator 2. Played and recorded live on the 44a bus to Norwich :~)

[ tags: electronica minimalist kaossilator2 ] [ genres: electronic minimal ] [ info: 4.29 mp3 ccbysa3.0 ]

Song Of The Disgruntled Lizards

A little bit of ambientness :-) Recorded live in one take on real hardware synths. No artificial additives....

[ tags: ] [ genres: ambient electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

I Am What I Am What I Am

Odd electronica! Vocal sample is from a 1960 performance of 'I Am' by sound poet Brion Gysin. Original lyrics may well have been by Popeye The Sailor Man :-)

[ tags: ] [ genres: electronic found sound ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Scary Movie

The result of too many ghost stories over Christmas File under 'Uneasy Listening'

[ tags: ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Spider Two

Groovy little old school electronica thing, sort of reminiscent of THAT track on Dark Side Of The Moon :-)

[ tags: ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Kaos Goes To Holyrood

Multi track, but performed entirely on the wonderful Korg Kaossilator.

[ tags: ambient electronica kaossilator ] [ genres: electronic dance ] [ info: 05.25 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Buzzbox Dub ('Can you tell what it is yet' mix)

Every sound, except the hi hats, comes from a Stylophone. All effects added live whilst multitracking. NO post production mixing :-)

[ tags: electronica dub reggae stylophone odd ] [ genres: electro dub ] [ info: 05.02 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

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