Dan Leigh

Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter

Up Here

An Energetic Pop Song

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A Lost Dream

A profound tune.

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I get tired of reading peoples' biographies that look
like they are written by their PR person. This is my
bio, according to me. I wasn't raised as a
church-going person, my family never went.
Nothing wrong with that, there are many problems
with religion in my opinion. I always wanted
something more in my life though, beyond what I
saw in the world, and when I was 14 I found it. I
was never the same after I first heard Radiohead, and
music became my all-consuming religion. I dove into
learning guitar and keyboard, as well as starting to
write my own stuff. When I was 19, I decided to
record a proper demo of a few of my songs. I did
and it turned out well. A few months later, I was
looking through a book called Songwriter's Market,
and in it was an article by a producer named Scott
Mathews. It was the most brilliant article in the book
by far, and Scott's mailing address was in the book's
producer's directory, so I sent him a copy of the
demo. It was the only thing I had ever sent to
anyone. A few months later I got a letter from him
saying "Send more if serious." I recorded a few more
songs and sent them. Within a few weeks he called
and said he would do whatever he could to help my
career. I was shocked. A little over a year later, my
album The Shortest Life was released. I think
dedicating my life to music is an important thing to
do, and I have one great album and many more
life-changingly good albums to make. I've got some
new unreleased songs that I think are as high quality
as anything you'll ever hear. You'll just have to wait

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