cjacks writes and records music. Sometimes, other people us it.

Brompton Cocktail

For near death patients suffering with extreme pain, doctors at Brompton Hospital in the UK used to administer a mix of heroin, cocaine, morphine, alcohol, and a few other substances, in order for patients to be able to “enjoy” their last days. The mix came to be known as the Brompton Cocktail.

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Talk With God

When you finally stop and take a look around, you may not like what you see. If so, you might want to talk with someone about it all.

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Dangerously hip, espionage-action piece. All instrumental techno/rock with a hard edge and some cooperative monks singing here and there throughout. The middle has a couple of short mean heavy guitar things. Repetitive.

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cjacks creates art, which turns out to be mainly in the area of music. He does however dabble in painting, iPhoneography/digital art, and the occasional piece of sculpture.

For a ton of older music by cjacks, visit the always entertaining website http://www.icompositions.com/artists/borris, where others comment and collaborate with him under his “iComp name” - ‘borris’. Hours of fun, guaranteed. CAUTION: As with any art, perception is key. Please use the ‘Whippin’ Loud’ setting whenever listening to music by cjacks, borris, Mr. Jacks, Jacks Craig, or the band, WE PLAY LOUD (all the same guy really.)

Feel free to use cjacks’ music for your “non-money-generating” project, but please ask first. cjacks can be contacted at: headfortheshed@gmail.com, among other places.

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