Cbass & Mikobene

We are creative producers making electronic music.
What is more we work with advertising agencies making TV, Radio and Internet AD music.


chillout urban track perfect for a video game

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Cbass&Mikobene are new talents coming from Warsaw, Poland. Music brought them together and nothing seems to tear this bond apart. Cbass began his journey through sound with Hip Hop beats and Jazz, parallel listening more and more to Electronic Music. He began mixing House and Progressive in the early 2003. Cbass currently is more into clicky, edgy and swooshy minimal with a deep atmosphere. When it gets down for Mikobene one can acknowledge a similar trip through sound for him. First Rave, Drum and Bass and than Break Beats and Progressive House. Their love and passion for music and twisted tunes gives anybody a pretty good idea of what has brought them together. Their magical co-operation has led them to a EP release just after a few weeks of hitting the keys and turning the knobs. Deep and intelligent sounds joined with energetic bass and edgy clicks combined with the ability of mixing different types of minimal, tech house, progressive and breaks has proven to be a success on the dancefloor and in the studio. If you are in Warsaw, please check them in one their resident nights in Klatka, Piekarnia or Luztro. Cbass&Mikobene are having a really great time with producing music as well. “Born To Click. Died to Live” EP released on Red Flag Collective is bringing them World Wide Attention. Their tracks have found the likes of Barish Turker, Subsky, D-Nox, and Peres&Petersky. This is the beginning of a great journey through sound! Tracks: “Nia Ga Ra” – Escada Music “Story About Good Girl” – Escada Music “Bastard Sense” –Red Flag Collective “Off the Road” – Red Flag Collective “Taxi Driver Smell” – Red Flag Collective

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