electronic, synthetic drum and noise patterns, metal and machines, uncertain, dark, muffled voices. structures falling out of randomness and noise. hidden beauty.


a very silent piece with some action at the end. crackling, bleeping and tacking.

[ tags: crack bleep tack ] [ genres: blip noise ] [ info: mp3 ccpd ]


5 sinus interference event generators drive these drum samples.

[ tags: interference drumsamples ] [ genres: noise *none* ] [ info: mp3 ccpd ]


interference noisy melodies, some crackling and looping

[ tags: interference crackle melody ] [ genres: noise pop ] [ info: mp3 ccpd ]


interferences between layers of random waveforms generate these blips and cracks. artificial sweetener: freeverb.

[ tags: blip crack random ] [ genres: blip noise ] [ info: mp3 ccpd ]

bombhead has been a sound source on the internet since 1998 under different names. physically based in berlin/germany, equipped with a minidisc, a desktop pc and a bunch of ugly, esoteric and hard to use open source software, he is dis-covering the strange new and old lifeforms of both, the digital and the real world, by means of destruction and rearrangement, amplification and filtering, networking, connection and division, intentional type mismatching, pseudorandomness and perceptual accuracy, memory dumping, trashing, device and substance misuse and many more things to be conceived.

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