Binary Beats

Transcending genres. I tend to like melody and harmony.


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This is for the little engine that could.

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A Suburb of Reality

Will someone please break my reverb machine? :( I went a little crazy here with it.

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1000 Caravan

This song was originally recorded in 1938 by Duke Ellington. It's a classic but still great with ambient.

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I love playing with sound. The first four bars were created using a graintable synth. Everything else is based on that.

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Adventures in Ambient (further revisited)

I tried to create the feeling of being intoxicated. This is the same track as 01.

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This was a sore attempt to create a soundscape unlike anything found on earth. It's pathetic.

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Sadly Though

It's sad that I can't play keys better. All digital Rhodes replica. I wanted to hear a sound I haven't heard since sitting in a practice room full of old equipment and pounding the keys of a rhodes I barely got working.

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This is so boring you won't even want to listen

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I Can Do That

My answer to endless mindless euro trance. a friend was 'raving' about some euro and I said "I can do that".

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Adventures in Ambient

My first ambient track. Maybe it's too busy. I used a lot of sounds in this track; I think more than 60. I recorded myself walking around my house on an old analog tape recorder. This is the basis.

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Binary Beats, otherwise known as James Powers is a jazz musician at heart. Learning about electronic music with the original electronic instruments is highly reccommended. When you learn with a moog and a waveform workstation you learn to appreciate patches and samples. You also learn that clipping is bad.

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