Big Sugar Victorious

These sounds are mostly just junk I happened to create and ended up liking the end results. Hopefully you will too.

State Fair

This is an ersatz stereo recording of the Livestock tent at the 100th anniversary of the Florida State Fair created by folding half of a mono recording over the other and splitting the halves into separate channels (Public domain)

[ tags: fieldrecording statefair ] [ genres: field recording *none* ] [ info: 9:00 mp3 ccpd ]


A 15 minute audio manipulation of a two-second loop of my home washing machine (Public domain)

[ tags: washingmachine ] [ genres: found sound *none* ] [ info: 14:56 mp3 ccpd ]

Big Sugar Victorious is Santo DiPiazza, lover of noise and all recorded sound. I have heard a lot of music from the internet involving field recordings and noise. I have done a lot of low rent home recordings of just goofing off and never considered sharing it with others. Now I have been inspired to do so. I will be adding more in the future. Enjoy!

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