Benzene Vapours

Electronica with a choice between political satire and silly humour.
Your choice is to work out which is which.

Demons In My Kettledrum

Basically, there are demons in our kettledrum. And they make this sound.

[ tags: noise pain drum demons kettle ] [ genres: experimental avant garde ] [ info: 4:08 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

The Old Straight Track

Haunting distant vocals sobbing in a rain of bleep and blip ambient lighting.

[ tags: ley lines alfred watkins ] [ genres: ambient glitch ] [ info: 5:34 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Groom Lake

Somewhere in the Nevada desert is a small flying saucer with our track being played in it.

[ tags: dark radio ufo groom lake area 51 pilot ] [ genres: experimental groove ] [ info: 6:14 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Pete (drums, percussion, vocals, arrangements) and Chris (bass, drums, keys, arrangements, technical wizardry) first met in 1993, when Pete was asked by a friend to help a Band out. So with three weeks to learn an unfamiliar set for their first gig, "Hollow Core" hired Warrington Rugby Union Club and practised like hell. There were five people in the band.

Over the three years that followed, three left and Matt (guitar, keys, vocals, technical prowess - I like the word prowess), came in. there were plenty of name changes too, (Ptaragon, Elektraversal, Mystery Roach and now, The Benzene Vapours). Of course, they didn't have the luxury of pc's then, it was all guitar based rock.

Over the last two years they've evolved into more of an experimental band. They still use their own drum kit, bass and guitar, but mix it up with anything and everything that can make a sound. The main aim is to make music that sounds different, but great.

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